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B&G® Pickles Have Been Part of the Family Since 1889.

125 year of New York tradition and still going strong. Your love of the city will take hold with every single bite.

Bloch & Guggenheimer and the B&G® brand was founded in 1889 by the Bloch and Guggenheimer families — immigrants who came to America seeking a better life.

When the Bloch and Guggenheimer families began selling pickles in Manhattan, the tenement-packed city streets were crowded — and hungry!  There were a lot of people to feed but few places to grow the food they needed to survive.

Bloch & Guggenheimer filled that need by selling products made from the fresh vegetables and other natural ingredients that came from the rural areas surrounding the big city.  B&G continued to grow over the years because the Bloch and Guggenheimer families steadfastly placed the quality of their products above all else.

B&G also grew by building a large retail and food service business, and by expanding its share of the nation’s largest pickle, pepper, olive and relish market.  This market leadership continues today.  B&G remains a leading brand of pickles & peppers in the New York megalopolis.

With B&G’s success, the company literally wore out its New York factory, and B&G moved its pickle and pepper manufacturing to a modern 200,000 sq. ft. plant in Hurlock, Maryland in 1988, which is in a major cucumber and pepper growing region.  The B&G brand formed the nucleus of B&G Foods when it was founded in 1996.

Our familiar jars of pickles, peppers and relishes and cans of olives, sauerkraut and other condiments have been a staple of grocery stores in the tri-state area for generations.  The tradition of high quality standards, good manufacturing practices and efficient stock rotation established by Bloch & Guggenheimer more than 125 years ago are still our most important ingredients today.

If you know and love New York, then you know and love B&G!


About B&G Foods

Based in Parsippany, New Jersey, B&G Foods, Inc. (NYSE: BGS) and our subsidiaries manufacture, sell and distribute high-quality, branded shelf-stable and frozen foods across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. With our diverse portfolio of more than 50 brands you know and love, including B&G, B&M, Cream of Wheat, Green Giant, Las Palmas, Le Sueur, Mama Mary’s, Maple Grove Farms, Mrs. Dash, New York Style, Ortega, Pirate’s Booty, Polaner and Victoria, there’s a little something for everyone. For more information about B&G Foods and our brands, please visit www.bgfoods.com.